SHOCK ABSORBERS Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers are fitted only to models with 'dry' suspension.
On saloon models, the petrol tank must be removed to gain access to the top mounting at the shock absorber. Details of the tank removal are included in the FUEL SYSTEM section.
To replace the shock absorber, first jack up the rear of the car on the appropriate side and support on stands. Remove the road wheel.
Working from inside the luggage compartment, remove the buffer from the damper top mounting stud, when fitted. Hold the damper mounting stud and unscrew the self-locking nut securing the top mounting. Remove the upper cupped washer and the spigotted rubber mounting bush.
At the radius arm, remove the self-locking nut and large washer securing the damper lower mounting to the arm. Compress the damper, then rotate it rearwards to the horizontal and remove it from the mounting stud on the radius arm.
Remove the rubber bush and lower cupped washer (where fitted) from the top of the damper.
If a new shock absorber is being fitted, it should first be bled as detailed in the FRONT SUSPENSION section to expel any entrapped air.
Install the damper in the reverse order of removing. Ensure that the rubber bushes and cupped washers are correctly located at the top mounting, and that a large washer is fitted at either side of the lower mounting bush. When raising the radius arm to reconnect the shock absorber top mounting, ensure that the spring unit strut is correctly engaged at both the spring unit and the radius arm.