Mini (UK) Color Schemes
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1 - Wheels (up to 1968) on Cooper (and 'S') models were painted 'Old English White' (WT3)
according to John Parnell's book

However there seem to be 2 versions of that colour so the older one is needed, the 'Old English White' from the '80s is whiter, and the old one 'cremey-er'.

2 - from the Moss - catalogue:

Classic Car Colours
As a part of our commitment to help keep cars on the road and looking as good as possible, we stock a range of Classic Car Colours. These paints are formulated to meet the same standard as the original paints used on the Mini. Listed below is a small selection of the stock we are able to supply, your local branch has comprehensive listing of all paints used on British Leyland cars upto 1980.

Engine Paint
An ideal way to smarten the engine of your Mini is the paint it, we can supply heat resistant engine lacquer in the original colours,

AerosolBrush On
Engine Paint-MaroonCCEP1CCEP1BR
Engine Paint-Metallic GreenCCEP2CCEP2BR
Engine Paint-GreenCCEP3CCEP3BR
Engine Paint-BlackCCEP4CCEP4BR
Engine Paint-GoldCCEP6CCEP6BR
Engine Paint-YellowCCEP11CCEP11BR
"Although many variations of engine colour are seen on restord cars nowadays, the closest match is Land Rover M10 Bronze Green. Original 'BMC engine green' had no afficial mixing formula and several different shades are known to exist. Engines were spray painted at the factory with the dynamo, starter motor, distributor and clutch slave cylinder already fitted. Items like plugs, leads, coil, starter solenoid, rocker cover name plate and patent plate were added afterwards."

Quote uit: Original Mini Cooper and Cooper S, door John Parnell.

Op internet gevonden (engine green) kleurcode: P800BMC

If you are reconditioning mechanical parts of your car the ideal paint for them is Chassis paint. Formulated for durability and chip resistance its ideal for use on subframes and suspension components.
Chassis Paint, blackCCCB1CCCB1BR

Other paints available under the range are wheel silver, super gloss black, matt black and satin black, all useful for detail work.
Wheel SilverCCWP1CCWP1TU
Super Gloss BlackCCSB1CCSB1TU
Matt BlackCCMB1

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