Key to Wiring Diagrams

Several of the components listed in this key 
may not be fitted to individual models.
Some are a special fitment to vehicles exported
to certain countries or territories to conform
to the mandatory requirements or legislation
of those countries.

1. Alternator or dynamo
2. Control box
3. Battery (12 volt)
4. Starter solenoid
5. Starter motor
6. Lighting switch
7. Headlamp dip switch
8. R.H. headlamp
9. L.H. headlamp
10. Main-beam warning lamp
11. R. H. sidelamp parking lamp
12. L.H. sidelamp parking lamp
14. Panel lamps
15. Number-plate lamp(s)
16. R.H. stop and tail lamps
17. L.H. stop and tail lamps
18. Stop lamp switch
19. Fuse block
20. Interior light
21. R.H. door switch (and buzzer) when fitted
22. L. H. door switch (and buzzer) when fitted
23. Horn(s)
24. Horn-push
25. Flasher unit
26. Direction indicator, headlamp flasher and dip switch
27. Direction indicator warning lamp(s)
28. R.H. front direction indicator lamp
29. L.H. front direction indicator lamp
30. R.H. rear direction indicator lamp
31. L.H. rear direction indicator lamp
32. Heater or fresh air blower switch
33. Heater or fresh air blower
34. Fuelgauge
35. Fuel gauge tank unit
36. Windscreen wiper switch
37. Windscreen wiper motor
38. Ignition starter switch
39. Ignition coil
40. Distributor
41. Fuel pump
42. Oil pressure switch
43. Oil pressure gauge or warning lamp
44. Ignition warning lamp
45. Headlamp flasher switch (Mini 1000 Canada)
46. Coolant temperature gauge
47. Coolant temperature transmitter
49. Reverse lamp switch
50. Reverse lamp
64. Bi-metal instrument voltage stabilizer
67. Line fuse
75. Automatic transmission safety switch (when fitted)
83. Induction heater and thermostat.
84. Suction chamber heater
95. Tachometer
110. R.H. direction indicator repeater lamp (when fitted)
111. L.H. direction indicator repeater lamp (when fitted)
115. Rear window demister switch
116. Rear window demister unit
139. Alternative connection for two-speed wiper motor and switch
150. Rear window demister warning lamp Hazard warning switch
153. Hazard warning flasher unit Printed circuit instrument panel
159. Brake pressure warning lamp and lamp test switch
160. Brake pressure differential switch
164. Ballast resistor
168. Ignition key audible warning buzzer
170. R.H. front side-marker lamp
171. L.H. front side-marker lamp
172. R.H. rear side-marker lamp
173. L.H. rear side-marker lamp
198. Driver's seat belt switch
199. Passenger's seat belt switch
200. Passenger's seat switch
201. Seat belt warning gearbox switch
202. Seat belt warning lamp
203. Seat belt warning diode

B.                  Black               P. Purple
G.                  Green               R. Red
K                   Pink                U. Blue
L. G.               Light Green         W. White
N.                  Brown               Y. Yellow
0.                  Orange

When a cable has two colour code letters the
first denotes the main colour and the
second denotes the tracer colour.
All scheme's are about 350 K !!!
Mini 850 DeLuxe Saloon, Van and pick-up (with dynamo and toggle type switches)
Mini 1000 Special DeLuxe Saloon (with dynamo and toggle type switches)
Mini 1000 Special DeLuxe Saloon (with alternator and rocker type switches)
Mini Clubman Saloon and Estate (with alternator and rocker type switches)
Mini 1275 GT (with alternator and rocker type switches)

1988 onwards / 1988 en later
legend of above / verklarende tekst

Inno Cooper 1300 (194 Kb)
Key to diagram above (in dutch - 225 Kb)

8 more (150 - 180 Kb each) wiring diagrams (1959 - 1969) including Moke