AIR CLEANER Filter Element The air cleaner may be one of three different types; a metal case type, a small plastic case type or a large plastic case type.

Replacement of the filter element in the former type is simplest, merely being a matter of disconnecting the breather hose (when fitted), unscrewing the wing nut and lifting off the top cover. The filter element can then be lifted out and the case cleaned out with a piece of rag. Fit the new element and top cover and secure with the wing nut.
On the plastic case type cleaners, the top cover is secured by locating lugs as well as the one or two wing nuts, and it will be necessary to lever up the cover using a screwdriver inserted into the slots in the side before it can be lifted off. Again clean out the inside of the casing before fitting the new filter element.
On the small plastic case type cleaner, ensure that the rubber seal is correctly positioned in the groove in the underside of the cover, then engage the locating lug into the top cover and snap-fit the cover onto the container . Refit and tighten the wing nut.
With the large plastic type cleaner, align the arrow marked on the top cover with the locating lug on the container and snap-fit the cover . Refit and tighten the two wing nuts.
Air Temperature Control Valve On later models, where an air temperature control valve is incorporated in the air intake, the function of the control valve should be checked by depressing and releasing it . The valve should return easily to its original position. The valve seat should also be inspected for any signs of damage or deterioration. When the engine is cold, the valve should be in the closed position, so that only hot air from around the exhaust manifold is drawn into the cleaner intake.