FUELPUMP Up to the replacement of the Mini Mk I and II models with the 850/1000/Clubman/1275 GT models, all models were fitted with an electric fuel pump, mounted on the rear sub-frame. Later models were equipped with a mechanical pump, mounted on the left-hand side of the cylinder block and driven from the crankshaft. This change took place round about October 1969 with the change in the electrical system to negative earth.
Several different types of electrical pump were used and the differing procedures for cleaning the filter are detailed below.
Filter - PD Type Electrical Pump The PD type pump was only fitted to very early 848 cc models and probably most of these have been replaced by now.
To remove the filter for cleaning, unscrew the retaining nut and detach the bottom cover plate . Withdraw the gauze filter from the pump body and clean with a brush and petrol. Use a new gasket, if necessary, when refitting the cover plate.
Filter - SP and AUF 201 Type Electrical Pump On the SP type pump the tubular filter is located at the fuel inlet nozzle which must first be unscrewed from the pump body to gain access . The gauze filter can then be withdrawn. Again clean the filter with a brush and petrol.
Use a new fibre washer, if necessary, when refitting the inlet nozzle.
On the AUF 201 type pump the inlet and outlet nozzles are retained in position by a clamp plate which is secured to the pump body by two screws. Once the clamp plate is detached, the inlet nozzle can be removed and the filter withdrawn.
After cleaning the filter, refit it in position and secure the nozzles with the clamp plate. Ensure that the seating rings are correctly located at the nozzles.

Filter - AUF 700 and 800 Type Mechanical Pump The mechanical pump fitted to later models is rather inaccessible due to the proximity of the carburettor, exhaust manifold, etc. However, if necessary, the pump filter screen can be removed after removing the three retaining screws and detaching the top cover from the pump. The filter screen is retained in the top cover by the rubber sealing ring and is easily withdrawn once the sealing ring is removed.
In this case, clean both the filter screen and all traces of sediment from the chamber in the pump body before refitting the top cover. Ensure the sealing ring is in good condition and is correctly located in the cover. Tighten the cover screws evenly to obtain a good seal.