INTRODUCTION Difficult starting, poor performance and excessive fuel consumption are some of the problems associated with an engine which is badly worn or out of tune. This is why, at every major service, the engine components should be checked and adjusted in accordance with the SERVICE SCHEDULE given.
Engine Tune-Up has deliberately been presented as a separate section independent of the ROUTINE MAINTENANCE so that if trouble occurs between services the engine can be tackled on its own.
Often it is the condition or adjustment of only one component which is at fault and consequently it will not be necessary to carry out a complete engine tune-up. Unfortunately it is usually only by gradual elimination that the fault can be traced and rectified. To assist in pin-pointing the source of any trouble a comprehensive 'TroubleShooting' chart is included at the end of this section.
The following checks and adjustments have been arranged in logical sequence and it is advised that they be followed in the order given when carrying out a complete engine tune-up.
However, if attention to only one particular item is required - the spark plugs or contact breaker points for instance - then simply refer to the appropriate heading. This way either individual components or a complete engine tune can be tackled.