Access to the steering column lock/ignition switch is gained by removing the two halves of the shroud from around the steering column.
The lock assembly is secured to the steering by a clamp plate and two shear bolts which must be removed by dot punching and drilling out. It may be possible to remove the bolts by tapping them round with a centrepunch then unscrewing them.
The switch wiring is connected to the wiring loom by means of a push-fit multi-connector under the parcel shelf.
Position the new lock housing on the steering column and centralise it over the slot in the outer column. Fit the clamp plate and secure with the two shear bolts, but tighten them only finger-tight at this stage. Connect the multi-plug connector and check that the steering lock and ignition switch operate correctly. If satisfactory, tighten the shear bolts until their heads break off.