1. On later models, remove the securing screws and detach the two halves of the cowl from the steering column. This is necessary to gain access to the column switch wiring connectors and the upper support bracket through-bolt.
2. Disconnect the column switch wiring connectors below the parcel shelf.
3. Remove the pinch-bolt securing the lower end of the steering column to the steering unit pinion shaft.
4. Remove the through-bolt securing the steering column to the upper support bracket at the parcel shelf.
Mark the position of the clamp on the column tube to facilitate alignment on reassembly. On later models, a shear bolt is used at the upper support bracket and a saw cut will have to be made in the bolt to enable it to be removed using a screwdriver.
5. Set the front road wheels in the straight-ahead position, then pull the column assembly upwards to disengage it from the pinion shaft.
Installation Installation is basically a reversal of the removal procedure.
Details of the procedure for aligning the steering column with the steering unit pinion shaft, and aligning the column with its upper support bracket are given in 'STEERING UNIT - Installation' previously. It may be necessary to slacken the rack 'U' bolts to enable the pinion shaft to align with the column.
On early models, check that the direction indicator lever is positioned as shown in , with the indicator cancelling stud exactly midway between the two cancelling lugs of the indicator switch. If not, adjust the stud to obtain this condition. The combined measurement of the column and the stud should be 1.176 - 1.195 in (29.87 30.35 mm). Ensure that the longitudinal head of the stud is parallel to the column before tightening the locknut.
On later models, ensure that the outer column is positioned to give a clearance of about 1/16 in (2 mm) between the steering wheel hub and the boss of the indicator switch. There should also be a clearance of about 1/8 in (3 mm) between the wheel hub and the cowl. If necessary, slacken the column upper clamp bolt and move the outer column as necessary to obtain this clearance.