Wear in the track rod end ball joints cannot be compensated for by adjustment, and thus renewal of the complete track rod end is necessary. It is recommended that the track rod ends on both sides of the vehicle be replaced at the same time. Jack up the front of the car and support on stands. Remove the road wheel.
Slacken the locknut adjacent to the track rod end. Extract the split-pin (when fitted) and remove the castellated or self-locking nut securing the track rod ball stud to the steering arm. Disconnect the ball stud from the steering arm, using a suitable ball joint separator . Do not knock out the ball stud as this is liable to damage the steering arm or rack. If a proper tool is not available it may be possible to shock the ball stud free by striking both sides of the steering arm simultaneously using two hammers. In this case, take great care to avoid distorting the arm.
Unscrew the track rod end, noting the number of turns required to free it from the track rod. Apply a smear of grease to the track rod threads and screw on the new track rod end, using the same number of turns as was required to remove the old end. Connect the joint stud to the steering arm and fit and tighten the securing nut. Where a castellated nut is used, secure it with a new split pin.
Tighten the locknut at the track rod end.
Repeat for the track rod at the other side of the car, then refit the road wheels and lower the car to the ground.
Finally, have the front wheel toe setting checked as detailed previously.