Removal and Installation

A rubber cone spring unit is used on models with 'dry' suspension, and is located in the sidemember of the rear sub-frame.
First remove the shock absorber as detailed above. Lower the radius arm and pull or lever the trumpet-shaped connecting strut from the spring unit and the ball seat in the radius arm.
Release the rubber cone spring unit from its location on the sub-frame.
If required, the ball foot or end can be removed from the strut to fit a replacement. The ball foot is merely a push fit in the end of the strut. The nylon seat in the radius arm can also be replaced after levering it out of its location.
Refit the spring unit in the reverse order of removing. Apply suitable grease, such as Detragrease Super G.P., to the strut ball foot and nylon cup before installing the strut. Ensure that the dust cover at the ball end locates correctly around the nylon cup.
As the radius arm is raised to refit the shock absorber, ensure that the strut is correctly engaged at both the spring unit and the radius arm.