STEERING Track Rod Ends
The track rod end outer ball joints should be checked for wear as described in the heading above.
Wear at the inner ball joints (inside the rack boots) is less usual, except where the rack gaiter has become damaged and allowed the ingress of dirt. This is normally evident as excessive ease of articulation of the inner joint, and in extreme cases outward movement of the track rod in relation to the steering rack is sometimes possible.
Steering Unit The steering unit itself should be inspected carefully for any signs of oil leaks. These are normally due to a damaged gaiter, and the gaiters on both ends of the housing should be checked for sips of tears or other damage and renewed if necessary.
The steering unit does not require periodic maintenance, lubrication only being required when the unit has been overhauled or a new gaiter fitted.
Steering Column Clamp The clamp at the base of the steering column where it joins with the rack pinion shaft should be checked for tightness. The clamp is easily accessible from inside the car once the carpets and rubber cover on the column have been pulled back.