CLUTCH Fluid Level
The fluid level in the clutch master cylinder reservoir should be checked periodically and topped up if required. The master cylinder is situated on the 'step' on the engine compartment bulkhead, and is the right-hand cylinder looking from the front of the car; the left-hand cylinder is the brake master cylinder .
The filler cap should be wiped clean before unscrewing it to prevent the possibility of dirt entering the system. The fluid level must be maintained at the bottom of the filler neck. Use only the specified type of hydraulic fluid for topping up - see Service Data for details.
Before refitting the filler cap, check that the vent hole in the cap is clear of obstruction.
Release Lever Clearance It is important that a clearance should exist between the clutch release bearing and its thrust plate. As wear of the driven plate friction linings takes place, this clearance will diminish, and if neglected clutch slip will result.
To check the clearance, pull the clutch operating lever outwards away from the stop bolt on the clutch end cover and measure the gap between the lever and the stop with a feeler gauge . This should be 0.020 in (0.5 mm), or 0.060 in (1.5 mm) on very early models without the shouldered throw-out stop at the central boss on the clutch housing.
Adjust if necessary by slackening the stop bolt locknut and screw the bolt in or out as necessary to obtain the correct clearance. Tighten the locknut and recheck the gap.