GREASE POINTS Eight grease points are present on Mini models, six at the front suspension and two at the rear. It is most important that all these points are lubricated regularly to minimise wear and thus reduce the need for expensive overhaul work. The points to be lubricated are as follows:
Front Suspension Swivel Hub Joints: Two grease nipples are provided at each swivel hub, one for the top swivel joint and a second one for the lower joint . To ensure full penetration of the grease, lubrication is best carried out with the car jacked up. Use a grease gun filled with a suitable good quality multi-purpose grease. If the nipples are already filled with grease, no further grease can usually be forced in. In the case of a dry joint, it will sometimes help the entry of grease if the steering is turned from lock to lock after each stroke of the gun.
Front Suspension Upper Arm Inner Pivots: One nipple is provided at each upper arm pivot and should be charged with grease until it is seen to exude from the end of the arm pivot .
Rear Suspension Radius Arm Pivot Shafts: One nipple is provided at the outer end of each rear arm pivot shaft . Charge the nipple until excess grease appears from the bush at the inner end of the shaft.
Gear Change Remote Control: On earlier vehicles a grease nipple was also provided at the front of the remote control housing on the right-hand side for the gearchange shaft. However, this point requires attention at major overhaul periods only. Later cars are fitted with the single rod change mechanism and a lubricating nipple is not fitted.