The front wheels must be removed to allow inspection of the disc brake pads. Check the thickness of lining material left on the pads . If this is worn down to approximately 1/8 in (3 mm), and never less than 1/16 in (1.5 mm), the pads must be renewed.
Brake pads should always be renewed in sets of four to maintain braking balance.
If the pads are not being renewed, ensure that sufficient lining material remains to allow the car to run until the next service check.
The procedure for replacing the brake pads is fully detailed in the BRAKES section of the manual.
Drum Front Brakes The front wheels and drums must be removed to allow inspection of the brake linings. The drum is secured by two cross-headed retaining screws, and it may be necessary to release the brake shoe adjustment to allow the drum to be withdrawn.
Clean out the drum, shoes and backplate using a soft brush. Take care not to inhale the asbestos dust from the linings as this can be injurious to health.
Inspect the shoe linings for wear. If the lining material has worn down to the minimum permissible thickness of 1/16 in (1.5 mm) on bonded type shoes, or within 0.040 in (1 mm) of the rivet heads on riveted type shoes, or will have done so before the next check is called for, the brake shoes should be renewed.
Brake shoes should be replaced in sets of four. On no account replace a single shoe or only one pair of shoes.
Also inspect the surface of the brake linings for oil, grease or brake fluid contamination. If present, the linings should be renewed once the cause has been established and dealt with. This should be attended to immediately.
Inspect the wheel cylinders for signs of fluid leakage. If present, the cylinder should be replaced or the seals renewed.
Full details of brake shoe replacement are included in the BRAKES section of the manual.
If the linings are satisfactory, refit the brake drum and road wheel and adjust the brake shoes as detailed previously.
Rear Brakes The linings for the rear brakes should be inspected in similar manner to the drum front brakes above.