Trouble Shooter
Starter doesn't turn (lights dim)1. Battery flat or worn.1. Charge or fit new battery.
2. Bad connection in battery circuit2. Check all feed and earth connections.
Starter doesn't turn (lights stay bright)1. Faulty ignition switch1. Check switch.
2. Broken starter circuit2. Check starter circuit.
Solenoid switch chatters1. Flat battery1. Charge or replace battery.
Starter just spins1. Bendix gear sticking1. Remove starter and clean or replace Bendix gear.
Low or no charge rate1. Broken or slipping drive belt1. Fit new belt.
2. Poor connections on or faulty alternator2. Check and replace alternator.
No lights (or very dim)1. Flat or faulty battery, bad battery connections1. Check battery and connection.
Side and rear lights inoperative although stoplights and flashers work1. Fuse blown1. Fit correct value fuse.
One lamp fails1. Blown bulb1. Fit new bulb.
2. Poor bulb contact2. Check connections.
3. Bad earth connection.3. Check connections.
4. Broken feed4. Check feed.
Flasher warning bulb stays on or flashers twice as fast1. Faulty bulb or connection on front or rear of offending side1. Fit new bulb, make good connection.
Lights dim when idling or at low speed1. Loose drive belt1. Tighten belt.
2. Flat battery2. Check charge output and battery.
3. Faulty charging circuit3. Check charge output and battery.
One dim light1. Blackened bulb1. Fit new bulb or sealed-beam.
2. Tarnished reflector2. Fit new bulb or sealed-beam.
3. Bad earth3. Check earth connections.
Wipers do not work1. Blown fuse1. Fit fuse.
2. Poor connection2. Check connections.
3. Faulty switch3. Check switch.
4. Faulty motor4. Remove and examine motor.
Motor operates slowly1. Excessive resistance in circuit or wiper drive1. Check wiper circuit.
2. Worn brushes2. Remove motor and check brushes.