The headlamp may either be of the bulb type, or the sealed beam type depending on fitment. It may also incorporate the side lamp on certain models. The headlamp bulb or sealed beam unit can be easily replaced as follows:
Remove the screw securing the headlamp rim and detach the rim from the headlamp unit. On Clubman and 1275 GT models the headlamp grille surround must be removed instead .
Remove the three headlamp rim retaining screws and detach the rim. The headlamp unit can then be withdrawn. With the sealed beam type unit, merely withdraw the three pin connector from the back of the unit and remove the lamp unit.
With the bulb type unit, withdraw the three pin connector from the rear of the lamp unit. Disengage the spring clip from the reflector lugs and withdraw the bulb from the rear of the reflector. Fit the new bulb, ensuring that the pip on the bulb flange engages the slot in the reflector. Refit the spring clip ensuring that the coils in the clip are resting on the base of the bulb and that the legs of the clip are fully engaged under the reflector lugs.
In either case, reconnect the three-pin connector and refit the lamp unit in the reverse order of removing.
Where the side lamp is incorporated in the headlamp, the bulb holder may be incorporated in the headlamp three-pin connector or may be a separate push-fit holder which locates in an aperture in the headlamp reflector. In either case, replacement of the bulb is a straight forward procedure after removing the headlamp unit as detailed above.