The main fuse box is mounted on the right-hand side of the engine compartment on the wing valance, and may contain either two or four fuses dependent on model year.
Early models were fitted with only two fuses. The lower fuse protects the auxiliary units, namely the interior lights and the horn, which operate without the ignition being switched on. The top fuse protects the auxiliary units which operate only when the ignition is switched on. The units connected into this circuit include the direction indicators, wiper motor, interior heater blower motor and the brake lights. In addition to the main fuse block, an inline fuse adjacent to the wiper motor protects the side/tail lighting circuit. All these fuses are rated at 35 amps.
The later four-fuse block protects the following circuits, reading from the top :
Fuse 1-2 (17/35 A) Direction indicators and brake lights Fuse 3-4 (12/25 A) Headlamp flasher, brake failure warning lamp.
Fuse 5-6 (12/25 A) Screen wipers and washers Fuse 7-8 (8/15 A) Side/tail lamps
An additional in-line fuse protects the interior lights and the hazard warning flashers, and another the radio when fitted.