On late models, the combined steering column switch incorporates the direction indicators, headlamp dip/flash and horn on the right-hand side of the column, and the windscreen wipe/wash switch on the opposite side. The switches are incorporated on a single mounting plate but the individual switch on either side can be replaced separately if required.
Replacement 1. Remove the screw from the bottom of the steering column cowl. Also remove the two screws securing the two halves of the cowl to the column bracket and detach the cowl.
2. Prise the hub cover from the centre of the steering wheel and remove the wheel retaining nut and lock washer.
3. Mark the steering wheel hub and the inner column to ensure correct alignment on reassembly, then withdraw the steering wheel off the inner column.
4. Disconnect the column switch wiring connectors.
5. Remove the indicator cancelling ring drive block.
6. Slacken the switch clamp- screw and withdraw the switch assembly from the steering column.
7. Remove the insulating tape to separate the wiring harness of the two switches.
8. Drill out the two rivets securing the wiper/washer switch to the mounting plate.
9. Remove the screw and detach the wiper/washer switch from the direction indicator switch mounting plate.
10. Assemble and install the new switch in the reverse order of removal.
11. Ensure that the striker dog on the nylon switch centre is in line with and adjacent to the direction indicator stalk (see illustrations.
12. When refitting the steering wheel, align the slots in the switch bush with the steering wheel hub, ensuring that the triangle is pointing towards the horn push. Also ensure that the steering wheels spokes are positioned symmetrically with the front wheels in the straight-ahead position.
13. Set the column cowl to give a clearance of 1/8 in (3 mm) from the steering wheel hub. If necessary, slacken the steering column clamp bolt and reset the position of the outer column to achieve this.