Transfer gears (automatic transmission) - removal and refitting
The procedure for removing and refitting the transfer gears on vehicles equipped with automatic transmission is the same as described in Section 10 for manual gearbox models with the exception of the input (first motion shaft) gear which should not be disturbed.
To provide access to the transfer gears it will be necessary to remove the engine/transmission unit from the car and then remove the torque converter and converter housing as described in Chapter 1.
Starter inhibitor switch (automatic transmission) - adjustment
The starter inhibitor switch is located on the rear of the gear selector housing. It has four terminals, two of which are connected through the ignition/starter circuit. This ensures that the engine will only start when the gear selector lever is in the N position.
The switch terminals marked 2 and 4 are used in the ignition/starter circuit and both the electrical leads are interchangeable to the 2 and 4 positions of the switch.
When a reversing light is fitted terminals 1 and 3 are used for this light.
Before making any adjustments to the switch ensure that the gear change cable and selector rod adjustment is correct as described in Section 1 9.
To adjust the switch first move the selector lever to the N position.
Disconnect the electrical connections from the rear of the switch.
Slacken the locknut and screw out the switch as far as possible.
Connect a test light and battery across the switch terminals numbered 2 and 4.
Screw the switch into the housing until the circuit is made and mark the switch body.
Continue screwing in the switch and note the number of turns required until the circuit breaks.
Remove the test equipment and unscrew the switch from the housing half the number of turns counted.
Tighten the locknut and refit the electrical leads to the appropriate terminals.
Check that the starter motor only operates when the gear selector lever is in the N position. When a reverse light is fitted check that it only comes on when 'R' position is selected.