Transfer gear bearingsremoval and refitting
If the idler gear bearings in the flywheel housing or gearbox casing, or the first motion shaft support bearing outer race require renewal, proceed as described below.
Remove the engine/transmission unit from the car and then remove the flywheel and flywheel housing as described in Chapter 1.
Heat the flywheel housing in boiling water. On no account apply a direct flame to the housing. If a receptacle large enough to hold the flywheel housing is not available slowly pour boiling water over the area aroun t a bearing.
Remove the retaining ring (where fitted) and carefully prise the bearing out of the casing taking great care not to damage the bearing housing. If possible use BL service tool 18G581.
When fitting a new bearing carefully drift it into position (having previously heated the housing as described above) until it is just clear of the retaining ring recess (where fitted). On no account press the bearing right into the recess in the housing, as this would mask the bearing oil supply hole which is at the rear of the recess.
To renew the idler gear needle roller bearing in the gearbox casing, separate the engine from the transmission, remove the circlips and drift the bearing out of the casing. Alternatively if BL service tool 18G581 is obtainable the engine need not be separated from the transmission.
To refit the bearing carefully drift it into position using a suitable tube and refit the circlips.
If the outer race of the first motion shaft roller bearing requires renewal, use the procedure described in paragraphs 2 and 3 or preferably obtain BL service tool 18G61 7A.
Primary gear (modified type)fitting
From 1963 a seff lubricating type of primary gear was fitted. If wished this gear can be fitted to pre- 1963 models and the crankshaft oil hole blocked, A kit of parts is available through BL dealers. The use of a new primary gearwheel with the old intermediate gear is likely to result in a noticeable increase in transmission noise. This is of no mechanical importance.
Remove the clutch/flywheel assembly and take off the flywheel housing and primary gearwheel as described in Chapter 1.
Block the hole in the crankshaft by driving in the tapered brass plug supplied in the kit. Ensure the head of the plug lies 0.045 in (1.143 mm) below the crankshaft bearing surface.
If the plug cannot be driven fully in, remove it and cut off the excess length.
Fit the new primary gear and thrustwasher and adjust the endfloat as described in Section 10.
The splines on the new primary gear finish at the forward edge of the gearwheel. On the older primary gear assembly, to allow for the flywheel sealing ring, the splines stopped about 0.25 in (6.35 mm) short. Therefore the oil seal in the centre of the flywheel must be removed. Otherwise the flywheel will not seat properly on the rear of the crankshaft.
Refit the clutch/flywheel assembly.