Manual gearbox
Early modelsFour forward and one reverse, synchromesh action on second, third and fourth gears
Later modelsFour forward and one reverse synchromesh action on all forward gears
Clearances and adjustments
Laygear endfloat0.002 to 0.006 in (0.05 to 0.15 mm)
Primary gear endfloat:
Lubricated bush type ...0.003 to 0.006 in (0.076 to 0.152 mm)
Non-lubricated bush type0.0035 to 0.0065 in (0.088 to 0.164 mm)
Roller gear endfloat0.003 to 0.008 in (0.076 to 0.203 mm)
TypeMultigrade engine oil
Capacity8.5 pints (4.82 litres)
Automatic transmission
TypeAutomotive Products
Torque converter
Type3 element
Multiplication2:1 maximum
TypeMultigrade engine oil
Capacity9 pints (5 litres)

Torque wrench settingslbf ftNm
Manual gearbox
Flywheel housing nuts and bolts1825
First motion shaft nut150207
Mainshaft (final drive pinion) nut150207
Mainshaft bearing retainer bolts1318
Engine to gearbox casing68
Gearbox drain plug2535
Gearbox casing studs 3/8 in UNC811
Gearbox casing studs 5/16 in UNC68
Gearbox casing studs 3/8 in UNF2534
Gearbox casing studs 5/16 in UNF1625
Speedometer drive housing nuts1825
Automatic transmission
Converter centre bolt110 to 115152 to 159
Converter (six central bolts)22 to 2430 to 33
Converter drain plugs18 to 2025 to 28
Engine to transmission casing UNC and UNF studs as for manual gearbox 1216