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Fuel system fuel injection engines
Accellerator cable - removal, refitting and adjustment
Accellerator pedal removal and refitting
Air cleaner air temperature control system - general information, testing and component renewal
Air cleaner assembly - removal and refitting
Fuel gauge sender unit - removal and refftting
Fuel injecion system - testing and adjustment
Fuel injecion system components - removal and refitting
Fuel pump - removal and refitting
Fuel system - depressurisation
Fuel system pressure check
Feul tank - removal and refitting
General information and precautions
Inlet manifold - removal and refitting
Inlet manifold PTC heater - general information and component renewal
Unleaded petrol - general information and usage
system typeRover/Motorola Modular Engine Management System, using ECU-controlled single-point injection (MEMS-Spi) and speed/density method of airflow measurement
Fuel system data
Fuel pump typeElectric, immersed in fuel tank
Fuel pump regulated pressure1.0 bar plm 4%
lnjector and pressure regulator unitJZX 3300
Throttle potentiometer voltage:
Throttle closed0 to 1 volt
Throttle open4 to 5 volts
Idle speed - nominal value, for reference only850 plm 25 rpm
Idle mixture CO %0.5% Maximum
Recommended fuel
Minimum octane rating95 RON unleaded only
Torque wrench settingsNm - lb/ft
Fuel pump nuts9 - 6
Throttle body assembly nuts10 - 7
Injector housing fuel pipe union nuts24 - 18
lnjector housing fuel pies adapters24 - 18
lnjector housing screws5 - 4
Inlet air temperature sensor7 - 5
Manifold retaining nuts22 - 16
Brake servo vacuum hose union bolt50 - 37
Fuel tank breather two-way valve nuts9 - 6