Trouble Shooter
Flooding1. Improper seating or damaged float needle1. Check and replace parts valve or seat as necessary.
2. Incorrect float level2. Adjust float level.
3. Fuel pump has excessive pressure3. Check fuel pump.
Excessive fuel consumption1. Engine out of tune1. Tune engine.
2. Float level too high2. Adjust float level.
3. Loose plug or jet3. Tighten plug or jet.
4. Defective gasket4. Replace gaskets.
5. Fuel leaks at pipes or connections5. Trace leak and rectify.
6. Choke valve operates improperly6. Check choke valve.
7. Obstructed air bleed7. Check and clear.
Stalling1. Main jet obstructed1. Clean main jet.
2. Incorrect throttle opening2. Adjust throttle.
3. Slow-running adjustment incorrect3. Adjust slow-running.
4. Slow-running fuel jet blocked4. Clean jet.
5. Incorrect float level5. Adjust float level.
Poor acceleration1. Defective accelerator pump (if fitted)1. Overhaul pump.
2. Float level too low2. Adjust float level.
3. Incorrect throttle opening3. Adjust throttle.
4. Defective accelerator linkage4. Adjust accelerator linkage.
5. Blocked pump jet5. Clean pump jet.
Spitting1. Lean mixture1. Clean and adjust carburettor.
2. Dirty carburettor2. Clean carburettor.
3. Clogged fuel pipes3. Clean or replace pipes.
4. Manifold draws secondary air4. Tighten or replace gasket.
Insufficient fuel supply1. Clogged carburettor1. Dismantle and clean carburettor.
2. Clogged fuel pipe2. Clean fuel pipe.
3. Dirty fuel3. Clean fuel tank.
4. Air in fuel system4. Check connections and tighten.
5. Defective fuel pump5. Repair or replace fuel pump.
6. Clogged fuel filter6. Clean or replace filter.
Loss of fuel delivery1. Pump faulty (electric)1. Replace pump.
2. Slotted body screws loose2. Tighten body screws.
3. Diaphragm cracked3. Overhaul fuel pump.
4. Loose fuel pipe connections4. Tighten fuel pipe connections.
5. Defective valves5. Replace valves
6. Cracked fuel pipes6. Replace fuel pipes.
Noisy pump1. Loose pump mounting1. Tighten mounting bolts.
2. Worn or defective rocker arm (if manual)2. Replace rocker arm.
3. Broken rocker arm spring (if manual)3. Replace spring.