Removal and Installation

Before jacking up the car, fit a packing piece between the upper suspension arm and the rebound rubber; this Will take the strain off the swivel hub lower joint and make it easier to disconnect the lower arm.
Jack up the front of the car and support on stands, then remove the road wheel.
Remove the retaining nut and separate the swivel hub ball joint from the lower suspension arm, using a suitable joint separator tool. Remove the through-bolt and nut securing the tie-rod to the lower arm.
At the lower arm pivot shaft, remove the nut and washer from the rear end of the shaft, then tap the shaft forwards to release the arm. Remove the arm mounting brushes.
Installation is a simple reversal of the above procedure.
Ensure that the flat on the head on the pivot shaft locates correctly with the tab at the mounting hole.
The pivot shaft nut should not be fully tightened until the suspension is supporting the weight of the car, to prevent pre-tensioning of the rubber bushes. Tighten the pivot shaft nut to 33 lb ft (4.5 kg m).