DISTRIBUTOR Distributor lubrication and replacement of the contact breaker points has already been covered in the 'TUNE-UP' section previously, and reference should be made for details, if required.


Where fitted, remove the distributor shield from the bonnet lock platform. On Clubman and 1275 GT models, release the three clips and remove the ignition shield from the three brackets on the front of the engine.
Disconnect the HT leads from the spark plugs and the ignition coil. If necessary, label the spark plug leads with their respective cylinder numbers to ensure correct fitment on reassembly. Remove the distributor cap from the distributor body.
Disconnect the distributor low tension lead from the terminal blade on the distributor body (25D4 distributor) or from the 'Lucas' connector (45D4 type). Disconnect the vacuum pipe from the vacuum control unit on the distributor.
Remove the two bolts securing the distributor clamp plate to the pedestal on the cylinder block and withdraw the distributor, complete with its clamp plate.


Install the distributor in the reverse order of removing, paying special attention to the following points:
a) When offering up the distributor to the engine, position it with the vacuum control unit pointing upwards towards the No. 3 spark plug, as shown in .
b) Rotate the distributor shaft until the lugs on the driving dog engage in the slots in the distributor gear. The slots in the gear and the lugs on the dog are offset and can only engage each other in one position.
c) Turn the distributor body until the clamp plate holes are aligned with those in the pedestal, then fit the two securing bolts.
d) When installation is completed, check the ignition timing and reset if necessary, as detailed in the TUNE-UP section previously.


In most cases of wear or damage to the main components of the distributor (distributor shaft, cam assembly, advance mechanism, bearings etc.) it will probably be more economical and convenient to exchange the complete distributor, rather than attempt to overhaul or repair it. This will be particularly applicable if the unit has seen a long period of use.
The components of the distributor assembly are shown in .