If any components of the clutch hydraulic system have been disconnected, or if any air is present in the system - 'indicated by a 'soft' pedal - the system should be bled as follows:
Fill or top up the master cylinder reservoir as necessary.
Clean the area around the bleed valve on the slave cylinder and remove the rubber dustcap from the valve, where fitted.
Fit one end of a bleed tube to the bleed valve and submerge the other end in a small quantity of hydraulic fluid in a clean jar.
Open the bleed valve three-quarters of a turn and slowly depress the clutch pedal. Close the bleed valve just before the pedal reaches the bottom position and allow the pedal to return unassisted. Repeat this procedure until the fluid emerging from the bleed tube is completely free from air bubbles. Do not allow the reservoir to become less than half full during this operation.
When bleeding is successfully completed, remove the bleed tube. Check the bleed valve is properly closed with with the engine, then separated. Full details of the respecout over-tightening it, then refit the rubber dust cap on tive operations are given under the appropriate headings the valve. Finally, top up the master cylinder reservoir in the ENGINE section.
?? with fresh hydraulic fluid as required and refit the filler cap.