This adjustment will normally only be necessary if the stop has been removed from the clutch end cover during overhaul.
Slacken the locknut and screw the plunger stop away from the housing to the limit of its travel . Get a second person to fully depress the clutch pedal, then screw the plunger stop up against the housing. Release the pedal and screw the stop in a further one flat of the stop which is approximately 0.007 - 0.10 in (0.20 - 0.25 mm). Hold the plunger stop and tighten the locknut.
Now pull the clutch release lever outwards away from the stop bolt on the clutch cover and measure the gap between the lever and the stop with a feeler gauge. This should be 0.020 in (0.5 mm). Adjust if necessary by slackening the stop bolt locknut and screwing the bolt in or out as necessary to obtain the correct clearance. Tighten the locknut and recheck the gap.