Brief History
September 1959Austin 7 and Morris Mini-Minor Mk I Saloons introduced with rubber cone suspension and 848 cc engine, drum brakes all round and sliding side windows.
September 1960Estate car versions announced, known as Austin 7 Countryman (with an all metal body) and Morris Mini-Traveller, (with exterior wood framework).
September 1961Mini Cooper Mk I introduced with front disc brakes, 997 cc engine, twin S.U. carbs and three-branch exhaust system, remote control gear lever.
October 1961Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf Mk I versions announced. Distinguished by extended rear boot compartment and revised front grill panel arrangement.
January 1962All models Austin and Morris saloons now known as MINI.
October 1962Revised gearbox introduced with bulk-ring synchromesh on upper 3 gears.
February 1963MK '2 versions of Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf introduced with larger 998 cc engine.
March 1963Mini-Cooper 'S' version introduced, similar to Mini-Cooper but with 1071 cc engine.
January 1964Mini-Cooper now fitted with larger 998 cc engine.
March 19641071 cc Mini-Cooper'S' version discontinued.
April 1964Mini-Cooper'S 1275'Mk I introduced with 1275 cc engine.
June 1964Mini-Cooper 'S 1000' introduced with 1071 cc engine.
September 1964Hydrolastic suspension introduced on all saloon models. Revised gear lever and modified gearbox. Diaphragm spring clutch now fitted and revised front drum brakes.
January 1965Mini-Cooper 'S I 000' model discontinued.
October 1965Automatic transmission now available as optional extra - except Hornet and Elf.
October 1966Mk 3 version of Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf announced with remote gear lever and revised interior.
October 1967Automatic transmission now available on Hornet and Elf. Mk 2 versions of MINI 848 cc, Traveller and Countryman estate cars, Mini-Cooper and Mini-Cooper 'S 1275' announced. -Mk 2 Mini-Cooper now known as 'Mk 2 1000'. New 998 cc, 'MINI 1000' model introduced.
August 1968New all-synchromesh gearbox now fitted to all models.
May 1969MINI 'CLUBMAN' Saloon and Estate cars introduced.
October 1969MINI 850 and MINI 1000 models introduced. Austin and Morris badges discontinued. Hornet and Elf versions discontinued.
November 1969Mk 2 versions of Traveller and Countryman estate cars discontinued. Replaced by MINI Estate car. MINI 1275 GT version introduced with Clubman-shaped body. All saloons now have 'dry' cone rubber suspension and wind-up windows.
March 1970Mk 2 Mini-Cooper 'S 1275' discontinued. Replaced by MINI-COOPER 'S' Mk 3.
December 1970Steering column lock now fitted as standard on all models.
June 1971'Dry' cone rubber suspension replaces 'Hydrolastic' on CLUBMAN models.
July 1974Revised specifications on all models with improved carpets.
October 1975Revised seats and styling trim. 1098 cc engine now fitted to CLUBMAN manual models.
May 1976Revised instrument panel with rocker switches and face level vents.
August 1977Revised, more luxurious interior. Denovo safety tyres standard on 1275 GT.
August 1978Automatic transmission option discontinued.