SERVO UNIT A vacuum servo unit is incorporated in the braking system as standard only on early 1275 GT models (prior to 1974). The servo unit is a Lockheed Type 6 and is mounted on the right-hand side of the engine compartment.
The only routine maintenance necessary is periodic cleaning of the filter element at the servo air intake, and this is fully detailed in the ROUTINE MAINTENANCE section.


With the engine stopped, depress the brake pedal several times to evacuate the vacuum in the system ' Depress the pedal, hold it in this position and start the engine. If the servo is operating correctly, the pedal will tend to fall away under foot pressure, and less pressure will be required to hold the pedal in the applied position. If no difference is felt, the system is not functioning.
Check the vacuum hose and connections for leaks or blockage before replacing the servo unit.

Removal and Installation

From beneath the right-hand front wing, pull the heater air hose off the intake unit, and then withdraw the intake unit from inside the engine compartment.
Disconnect the vacuum hose from the servo unit. Remove the securing bracket from the end of the servo unit, disconnect the brake pipes and plug the holes. Remove the nuts securing the servo unit to its mounting bracket and withdraw the unit.
Installation is a simple reversal of the removal procedure.
Finally, bleed the braking system as detailed later in this section.