INERTIA VALVE On models with a split braking system, an inertia valve is fitted in the fluid line to the rear brakes in place of the pressure regulating valve described previously. The inertia valve is similarly located on the rear sub-frame and is secured in position by two bolts. The angle at which the assembly is mounted is important as this allows the steel ball inside the unit to hold the valve in the open position under normal conditions so that fluid may pass to the rear brakes.
Under heavy braking the ball moves away from the valve which is then closed by a light spring and further pressure to the rear brakes is cut off.
When refitting the valve on the sub-frame, ensure that the 'FRONT' marking on the valve body is correctly positioned .
The valve assembly is incorporated in the unit end cap which can be unscrewed to allow the steel ball to be removed. If the unit body is in good condition a new valve and end plug assembly can be fitted, using a new copper washer. Tighten the end plug to 45 lb ft (6.2 kg m).