TANDEM MASTER CYLINDER Two types of tandem master cylinder are used; one with an inbuilt pressure differential warning actuator (P.D.W.A.) and the other without. The two types can be identified from the illustrations in . The master cylinder with the actuator has a wiring connector to the nylon brake failure switch in the side of the cylinder.

Removal and Installation

The removal and installation procedure is similar to that already described for the single line master cylinder.
However, the fluid must be drained out of both sides of the master cylinder reservoir and this will entail repeating the draining procedure at the other front brake.
On the master cylinder without the inbuilt actuator it is unnecessary to disconnect the cylinder push rod from the brake pedal as the cylinder can be lifted off without the push rod.
In the case of the other type of cylinder, the wiring connector is a simple push fit at the failure warning switch.
Installation is a simple reversal of the removal procedure.
When installation is completed, bleed both circuits of the split braking system as detailed under the appropriate heading later in this section.