All Saloon Models - Installation
1. Route speaker lead from radio position to centre line of bulkhead (positioning lead to avoid interference with pedal movements) down to floor tunnel (underneath the floor covering) and along side of the tunnel to the front seat floor stiffener.
2. Route lead under front seat floor stiffener via the shallow pressing in the floor running under the stiffener, and along floor tunnel to rear seat.
NOTE: On some vehicles it may be found necessary to use a fish wire when routing loudspeaker lead.
3. Temporarily lift out rear seat cushion.
4. Drill a 5/8 in dia. hole through front section of the rear seat pan, 5 in to rear of front edge on centre line of ar, route speaker lead through this hole using grommet provided.
5. Drill a 5/8 in dia. hole below rear seat squab through rear bulkhead into luggage compartment 11/2 in up from seat pan on centre line of car, route speaker lead through this hole using grommet provided.
6. Pass lead through cable clips up the side of petrol tank.
7. Locate holes provided in centre of metal panel of rear parcel shelf. See .
NOTE: On some vehicle variations a sheet of felt wadding is attached to the underside of the rear shelf The wadding must be cut away to expose the speaker holes and to clear speaker chassis.
8. Cut away the sections of trimmed pad which are visible through the two larger holes.
9. Pierce through trimmed pad the four holes for speaker bezel studs.
10. Connect lead to speaker.
11. Assemble bezel and speaker to parcel shelf as shown in , secure with fixings provided.
12. Secure speaker lead to floor, tunnel, seat pan etc. with self adhesive tape provided.
13. Refit rear seat cushion.

Clubman Estate - Installation

1. Remove directional face level air vent from passenger side of fascia by unscrewing the plastic outer rim and removing vent cowling. Disengage vent pipe by twisting half a turn anti-clockwise and withdraw. See .
2. Unclip section of passenger side rubber door seal, and break adhesive bond between end of parcel tray trim panel and post. Release other end of trim panel by easing side flap out from behind rim of instrument nacelle and remove panel completely by bowing outwards sufficiently to clear the underside of fascia top rail.
3. Mark and cut out a 5 5/8 in dia. hole in trim panel to dimensions shown in picture below.
4. Pierce four 5/32 in dia. fixing holes in trim panel using speaker as template, see for position of holes.
5. Fit the spring clips provided to speaker support board and assemble speaker and mounting components to trim panel as shown in picture above.
6. Connect speaker lead to speaker and route lead down through demister pipe hole at rear of parcel tray to radio position.
7. Refit the trim panel/speaker assembly and directional face level air vent in a similar reverse manner to that used for removal.

Stereo Speakers
Installation - General
1. Remove interior trim panel from door or side panel after removing door handle, window winder, etc (see Body Fittings).
2. Where possible, select a position on the trim panel that coincides with a suitable hole in the metal door panel.
3. Ensure that the speaker magnet is clear of the window winding mechanism and that the speaker grille is clear of the window winder and door handles.
4. Using templates, pierce four 1/8 in (3 mm) dia. fixing holes and cut the 5 inch diameter centre hole.
5. When there is a clearance hole in the metal panel behind the fixing holes, secure the speaker to the trim using four No. 6 x 1.25 in screws and flat nuts.
6. If any of the filing holes are backed by metal, drill a 5/64 in (2 mm) dia. hole and secure the screw to the metal panel without using the flat nut.
7. The water proof cowl must be positioned at the top of the speaker (Motorola type shown).
8. If there is no suitable hole in the metal door panel, cut the door trim panel and using this as a template, cut and drill corresponding holes in the metal door panel.
9. Before securing the speaker, drill a 3/8 in (9 mm) dia. hole in the leading edge of the door and a corresponding hole in the door pillar, unless suitable holes exist.
10. Fit the rubber grommets provided to these holes, and route the speaker lead from the radio or tape player position through these grommets to the speaker position.
11. Attach the leads to the speaker and secure the speaker door trim etc., ensuring that the speaker lead is clear of the window winding mechanism.