Winding Type
To remove the winding type door glass, first detach the trim panel from the door as detailed for lock removal previously.
Remove the four screws securing the window winder mechanism to the door panel.

Lever the mechanism from the door panel, then wind the mechanism until the arms are at the top of their travel. Slide the mechanism forward and disconnect the rear arm from the door glass channel, then slide it rearwards and disconnect the front arm from the channel. Remove the winder mechanism from the door. Support the door glass with a block of wood, as shown in the illustration.
Pull the door glass outer finisher strip upwards to release it from the clips on the door outer sill. Release the inner finisher from the clips on the door inner sill. Remove the support block, lift the rear end of the door glass and withdraw the door glass from the outer side of the door.
Install the window glass in the reverse order of removing.