Direct-Acting Type
Models with sliding door windows have direct acting door locks, and details of the lock installation is shown in . To remove the exterior handle, simply remove the retaining screw at the door lock and withdraw the handle from the door panel. The inside door handle will be released as the outer handle spindle is withdraw. On some models the inside handle is secured to the spindle by a clamp screw which must first be released.
The lock itself is secured to the inner door panel by three screws and is easily removed.

Door Locks - Remote Type

On models with wind-up door windows, the door lock is of the remote-acting type, with both the interior handle and the interior lock control connected to it by means of connecting links located behind the door trim panel.
To gain access to the mechanism, the trim panel must first be removed . Remove the window winder handle and escutcheon, the door pull and the lock control escutcheon from the door panel. Also remove the door lock interior handle.
Lever the trim pad from the retainers at the sides and lower edge, then pull the trim away from the retaining flange at the top and remove the trim panel.
Remove the screws securing the door lock, interior lock control and remote control assembly to the door .
Pull or carefully prise the bottom of the lock link off the lock operating rod . Ease the lock outwards and remove the circlips securing the connecting rods for both the interior lock control and the remote control assembly. Remove the door lock and, if required, withdraw both the remote units from the door panel.
Installation is a reversal of the removal procedure. Ensure that the circlip securing the remote control rod and the interior lock control rod are correctly located and that the lock operating rod is engaged in the spring clip at the exterior handle lock link .

Sliding Type

To remove the door glass with the sliding type windows, first remove both the catches from the windows . Also remove the channel weather strip fitted to the front edge of the rear glass.
Slide the glasses forward and remove the retaining screws from the window lower channel. Move the glasses to the centre of the window and remove the glasses complete with the lower channel and the glass catch strip from the door. The glasses can then be separated from the lower channel.
Refit the glasses in the reverse order of removing.