Removal and Installation
1. Disconnect the battery earth lead as a safety precaution, and drain the cooling system.
2. Pull the demister duct tubes from the outlet on the heater body. On early models it will be necessary to first remove the tube covers to gain access.
3. Slacken the nut securing the rear of the heater unit to its mounting bracket. Also remove the two screws securing the front of the heater to the parcel shelf.
Lower the heater and release it from the slotted rear brackets.
4. Disconnect the fan motor switch wires.
5. Pull off the air intake tube from the heater body.
6. Slacken the clips on the heater hose clips and disconnect the hoses from the heater pipes. Plug the pipe and hose ends to prevent water damage to the carpet.
7. Remove the heater unit from the car.
8. Installation is a simple reversal of the removal procedure.