AERIAL 1. Mark and drill a 7/8 in dia. hole in the left hand side front wing to dimensions shown in .
2. Drill a 9/16 in dia. hole through wing valance from engine side of car as indicated in .
NOTE: Ensure that the air ducting hose under wing is clear of drilling area.
3. Scrape around the underside of the aerial hole to reveal bright metal in order to ensure a good earth connection. Failure to do this may result in aerial-borne interference being transmitted to the receiver.
4. Pass the aerial upward through the aerial hole and secure into position taking care to position any keyhole or locking device for easy access.
5. Route aerial lead through hole in valance to engine compartment and fit grommet provided.
6. Feed aerial lead through grommet 'B' in the engine bulkhead . From inside the car locate the aerial plug through demister pipe hole in underside of front parcel tray and draw lead to radio position.
NOTE.- On some vehicles it may be found necessary to pull back the sound proofing material to locate grommet 'B' in engine bulkhead.