On models with the centrally located speedometer, remove the air cleaner assembly and pull back the sound deadening material from the aperture in the centre of the engine compartment bulkhead. Unscrew the knurled nut and disconnect the speedometer cable from the rear of the instrument
On Clubman and 1275 GT models, partially withdraw the instrument panel assembly, as detailed elsewhere in this section, press in the release lever on the speedometer cable and pull the cable out of the rear of the instrument.
Disconnect the knurled nut securing the lower end of the cable to the drive pinion on the gearbox and withdraw the cable.
This is not an easy job and may in some cases be done more easily through the aperture above the lefthand drive shaft.
If the cable securing nut is too tight to turn by hand, use a suitable tool to release it, or remove the set screw securing the speedometer drive and withdraw the cable complete with the drive assembly and then remove the cable.
Lubricate the new cable lightly with grease except for 8 in (200 mm) at the speedometer end, then install it in the reverse order of removing.
If the speedometer drive was removed, use a new joint washer at the gearbox casing when refitting. Tighten the lower securing nut by hand.